What is the meaning of life?

Suppose you were walking by a sports arena one afternoon, and several athletes asked you to join in their game, they needed one more player...

Suppose you were walking by a sports arena one afternoon, and several athletes asked you to join in their game, as they needed one more player. You love sports and were looking for some good exercise so you said yes, and ran onto the field! The game was already in progress so you looked up at the score board for the minutes left in the game, but could not seem to figure out when the game had started or when it would end. You looked at the ball the players were using, and it wasn’t a football or soccer ball, so you were not quite sure what the objective to the game was. You then asked several players around you, what are we suppose to be doing? But they gave you many different answers, and some of your teammates were just uninterested in your question and wondered why you were asking it to begin with? So you looked over at the Coach on the sideline, but he was just looking at all of the chaos and clapping his hands cheering, “great job everyone….I have a 1st place trophy for all of you when the game is over!” So then you tried to find the Referees, but one of the players told you that they had sent them all home, because nobody liked the calls they were making.[1]

After hearing this story you might say to me, wow! That would be a crazy situation for one to find him or herself in! But does not this question come to us everyday, just as it came to this athlete - What is the objective to the game? Or in other words, what is the Meaning to Life? Just as a game has a beginning and an end, scientists now inform us that our universe is not eternal therefore it had a beginning and will have an end.[2] And just as a contingent object or being needs a cause, so also our contingent/non-eternal universe needs a non-contingent originator or source. We also know that our star/sun will eventually run out of energy, and also our bodies are declining and will reach a point one day where it’s game-over! The design of our universe also speaks of a purpose. For when something is designed, it is designed for a purpose.[3] And just as there are also rules to a game, our conscience, intuition, and reason all point to some rules that exist in this thing we call life! We all tend to agree that stealing, hating others, and murder are wrong, while giving, encouraging, and loving others are right. But once again, just like in this story about a game, one might ask, what is the objective of our existence, or what are we seeking to accomplish in this life?

Leo Tolstoy, the famous Russian novelist, encountered a profound midlife crisis. In the height of his career’s success he found himself asking, “was there any point to his life?” He realized that this was an “important and profound question in life.” And he decided that as long as he did not know why he should write a book, or attend to his estate, or attend to his son’s education, or do anything…he could not live.[4] Tolstoy latter decided that he could not live without a higher purpose. “The thought of a godless universe, in which individual lives were meaningless, was insupportable. Without belief in God he could not live…”[5]

In the last page of his book A Brief History of Time acclaimed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking states that most scientists have been too occupied with the development of theories that describe what the universe is to ask the question why the universe is. He goes on, but on the other hand, the people whose business it is to ask why the universe is, the philosophers, have not been able to keep up with the advance of scientific theories.[6]

Some might say there is no purpose to life, while others might say to love one another is our purpose, or perhaps some other reason. But in either of these cases, how would one know what our purpose is, or how would they know that there is no purpose? In other words, is there perhaps a definitive answer to this question of meaning in life? Or is there an authoritative answer to this question of the meaning to life? If we’re honest with ourselves, we might admit that we’ve never really considered what the meaning to life is. If we’re honest we might admit that we’ve just been living to survive, or just living for ourselves, or perhaps just living for the pleasure of the moment, but have not considered if there really is an ultimate purpose to this life.
Jesus of Nazareth, the man who walked this earth some 2,000 years ago, had a lot to say about life’s purpose and meaning. He taught that his Father had created everything and had created it for a purpose! And he also taught that this world would have an end. Jesus taught that the Father had rules, but the rules were only for our good to protect us from harm, or to help us. Jesus taught about life’s purpose and wanted to help people have a fulfilled and meaningful life. He also taught that man had rebelled against his creator and had been infected with a disease called sin, but that he would give his life as a ransom for the sins of mankind, so that men and women could be forgiven and have eternal life.
What is your purpose in life? Have you thought about this question much in your personal life’s journey? Christianity teaches that God loves you and wants to help you, guide you, and save you from death! Have you given much consideration to the claims of Christ? The #1 best selling book of all times is the Christian Bible. This book is a love letter from the creator of the universe to his creation! Will you take time out today to consider what God may have to say to you? He did create this universe for a purpose and desires that you might have a very meaningful life! Surrender your life to Jesus today! You will never regret it! And if you have any questions regarding this short tract, please do not hesitate to send me an email at David@Isaiah-53.com. Thank you for your time!

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